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May Book of the Month: Real-Time Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott


May Book of the Month: Real-Time Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott

The marketing landscape has changed. No longer are the days of businesses speaking at you through press releases and ad campaigns. Now is the day of a two way conversation between businesses and their consumers. Pull ahead of organizations stuck in the past by adopting new communication methods and reach your consumers right away and right where they are.


New communication channels have leveled the playing field seizing control from the large organizations with media buying power and giving all organizations and their customers a chance to be heard. Today it’s not about your budget, but about listening to your audience and giving them responses in real-time, not in 3-4 business days. In Real-Time Marketing & PR, David Meerman Scott makes a compelling argument for reacting swiftly by critiquing the businesses getting it wrong and praising those that are doing it right. Whether it’s the tremendous fallout of a catchy YouTube video or the lessons learned from the Grateful Dead, Scott makes his point using memorable anecdotes and well researched studies. 


Whether you’re in crisis management or delighting a customer, responding quickly is what sets your organization apart and earns you vocal fans. In the wake of your silence and inaction, other opinions are heard and your opportunity to change the tide and make an impact is lost. In addition to explaining the importance of real-time marketing, Scott also breaks down the tools and resources available so you can adopt these real-time marketing strategies today. An interesting and informative read, Real-Time Marketing & PR gives you the plan and tools you need to impact your customers and grow your business in today’s changing landscape.


What barriers are preventing you from real-time marketing?
What is an example of how you have used real-time marketing?

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Re: Book of the Month: Real-Time Marketing & PR by David Meerman Scott

Wow, I am thrilled that you have selected my book for the Book of the Month. Many thanks.


Today things go down instantly (for example, recall how quickly the news of Osama bin Laden disseminated over the past several days). Now we all have an opportunity to communicate quickly to take advantage of opportunities and to deal with threats. Yet very few people and organizations operate in real-time.


I hope to fix that. 



David Meerman Scott