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Mind Your Business: A Scary Proposition

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Mind Your Business: A Scary Proposition

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Mind Your Business: A Scary Proposition
By Jeanette Mulvey, BusinessNewsDaily Managing Editor

It's no secret that being in business today is a very scary thing.  Many Big Business Companies are having more and more trouble.  The ones who will definitely persevere during this hard time in our economy will be small business.  Why do you say?  Jeanette Mulvey from BusinessNewsDaily gives us a few reasons why.  I'm sure you will all agree!


2 Ways that Small Businesses Will Persevere


Giving Back - People want to buy from people who understand them and where they come from.  Get involved in your local community, in a charity, anything that gives back to your surrounding area.  When your customers know that you're involved, it makes them feel appreciated.  They will want to do business with you!


The #1 reason we've all heard - Customer Service - It's no secret that small businesses can give that extra hands-on support and experience that the big box stores can't.  Small Businesses know their customers and know how to meet their needs and what they want. 


To read the full 6 reasons that Jeanette lists, click here.