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Mobile Marketing: The next big thing in small business marketing!

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Mobile Marketing: The next big thing in small business marketing!

As we continue to move forward in the year, mobile marketing is gaining popularity at an accelerating rate and it is not hard to figure out why. With our increasingly fast paced lifestyles, mobile marketing provides the benefits of being immediate, reachable, and personal.


Did you know that the average response rate for mobile advertising is 15% versus 2-3% for other advertising avenues?! Additionally, this kind of marketing has the great advantage of being one of  the most low-cost marketing there is.


Here are three huge predictions for mobile marketing in 2013



  • The explosion in usage of tablets and smartphones: As these devices become more and more popular, their prices are dropping making them  more accessible to those who could not afford them. As a result, marketers will have a chance to reach  audiences that they may not have  been able to connect to before.



  • Advertising based on content AND CONTEXT:  Many mobile devices have GPS tracking which will allow marketers  to  sending messages that correlate with the location of a customer, or the time of the day.


  • Increase in commerce and consumerism: You should also expect commerce and consumerism to grow through mobile. Consumers are growing increasingly more comfortable shopping via their mobile phones; therefore it will become imperative that small business owners incorporate mobile purchase options in order to  remain competitive.


Have you considered incorporating mobile marketing in your business?



For more 2013 mobile marketing trends and predictions, click here!




Petia A. Bradshaw, MBA
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Re: Mobile Marketing: The next big thing in small business marketing!

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