Monetizing Social Media 101: Video Marketing

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Monetizing Social Media 101: Video Marketing



Why is video marketing important for your business? You've probably come across stats that roll out huge predictions--Video Will Account for 70% of All Mobile Traffic by 2021!--but if video isn't your area of expertise--or your marketing stream of choice, it can be hard to wrap your head around using video to promote your business in a way that goes beyond a mere commercial. Here are 3 different ways video can help you connect with your ideal customer.


Breakdown Complicated Information


Here's another short video that covers Virtually Here's (many) services, from our homepage.




Virtually Here offers many different services for businesses. Since it can be hard to follow someone reciting a long list of services, they have a voiceover explanation of what Virtually Here does, while you watch a business owner walk through the steps of being overworked, looking for help, and then finally outsourcing their business' needs. If you regularly find yourself having to go down rabbit trails of explanation to give a full picture of what your business does, this is a great method to try.

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Virtually Here, LLC
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