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Moving an email from a series campaign to a new folder


Moving an email from a series campaign to a new folder

OK... Here we go...

I'm new to trying to do things in CC, and there seems to be one hell of a learning curve but I'm managing... Or I THOUGHT I was... I created an autoresponder series to send to new clients that sign up for my email list. I spent 3 days getting the 3 emails I wanted to go out just right. Then, I hit "ACTIVATE" and low and behold I get told I have to be on "Email Plus" or spend $50 for a one time campaign... The fact that I was angered (polite word) by the way that they allow you to do everything to create the campaign without telling you it costs extra to activate it is a separate issue...

What I need to know now is how can I copy each of the three emails to a new folder to be manually sent out? I click "Actions>Copy" but it just adds a copy of the email to the series. I'm hoping that I don't have to create each email again from scratch. Any help is appreciated. Thank you!


Re: Moving an email from a series campaign to a new folder

Hi @Graywind


I apologize for any confusion that may have occurred when trying to activate your autoresponder. Unfortunately you are correct; activating autoresponders is one of the features available in Email Plus accounts. If you were interested in upgrading your account, here is a link to the rest of the features that would become available to you on top of autoresponders.


Also, to answer the second part of your questions, you would be able to copy an email out of an autoresponder and into a regular email campaign. Because you are still in our Second Generation Editor you have access to the HTML code of your emails. HTML access allows you to copy that code block-by-block into a new template. I apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and will be more than happy to pass along your feedback for this experience. 

Frankie P.
Community & Social Media Support

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