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Musician new to email marketing


Musician new to email marketing

I'm Daniel, I'm a musician out of Columbia, South Carolina.  you can check out my music here:
and my facebook page is here:

I'm trying to use email marketing to help grow my fanbase, I've been doing research on marketing for music and I've heard a lot about how an email list can help, but I'm afraid I'm still a little ignorant on how to use it properly.... I've done things like offer a free song download when you join my email list, forwarding emails to my friends through my personal email, using facebook and twitter to promote the list... as well as whenever I play shows I ask people for their email addresses and write them down, then sign them up when I get home.


any advice on other tactics would be awesome, my overall goal is to get a loyal following (not necessarily big) that will buy my music, tshirts (eventually), and well any other merch I want to sell.

thanks a lot!


Re: Musician new to email marketing

HI Daniel,

Thanks for posting, it sounds like you are off to a great start. Email marketing is a great way to reach your fanbase with news, upcoming shows and more!


Collecting email addresses during shows is a great idea. Have you looked into using Constant Contact's QR code or text to join tools for sign up? They are already part of your account and would save you the time of copying email addresses from paper to your account.


From your links it looks like you're pretty active on Social Media. Constant Contact has a Social Campaigns tool that would be worth looking into. It's a way for you to encourage people to like your Facebook page and get something in return (like a free download). I see you are already using the Join My Mailing list tool for Facebook., I hope you're finding this helpful too.


As for your campaigns, share one on our Critique My Campaign board to get some ideas from other users and experts!


Hope this helps,

Hannah M.
Community and Social Media Support

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Re: Musician new to email marketing

thank you very much, I will look into all of that