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My Business

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My Business

Hi my name is Carrol and I am an IBO with the Amway Co operation in Australia for the past seven years. I am building a business which will give me financial freedom! To do this I look for people who are like minded and who realise that the Internet is now a way of normal life. In our business we use the Internet to make our normal household purchases. This is Ecommerce.


The advantage of being an Amway IBO is that I don't have the hassel of carpark rage, waiting in line at the checkout, I am able to access 'Specials",  and I can shop 24/7.  We purchase at wholesale prices and receive a bonus into our bank accounts midmonth. Of course there is a point value to our purchases and this is what we get paid on. We work on a percentage system begining at 3% with the initial goal to reach 21% as quickly as possible. That is when the big dollars come to light, as well as fully paid for overseas trips. But remember no work no pay! We get paid for our own effort. That is Personal Enterprise.


The greatest advantage is that we work within a Team, so there is support all the way. What I like best is there is no back stabbing, as one generally finds in the working sector out there. We are all like minded people on the same path to financial freedom.


We also have an Educational component which those who want to succeed subscribe to. The benifit of this is that we all receive the same information at the same time, as this business is built on Duplication.


We are able to continue with our current employment, as we have the previlage of working at our own pace. The quicker you work, the sooner you say "Goodbye" to your daytime job! How great is that?


If you are interested in finding out more information please feel free to contact me on

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Re: My Business

Hi Carrol,


Thanks so much for taking the time to introduce yourself and to tell us about your business! My stepfather used to sell Amway so I know exactly what you are talking about!


I would love to see your emails that you are using to communicate with your downline!  You can post those in the Critique My Email board to also let your peers offer you feedback.  It's been such an active board and everyone is giving such great advice!


Hope all is well down-under!


Take care!