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Here are a few tips to ensure the name starts your company off on the right track.


1. Be Memorable

Customers need to find it easy to remember.  Although you want to stand out, choose a name that uses standard spelling, that requires no explanation, and, above all, is easy to pronounce.


2. Think About Connotations

When clients hear the business name, they should immediately think of your products or services. Nonsense words and acronyms tend to be especially bad choices as they mean very little to customers. Base your name around a keyword or create a clever (but obvious) pun. However, be careful to research your choices carefully to ensure that potential names do not mean something negative in another language.


3. Use a Name That Allows You to Expand

Bear in mind the business might expand to other areas in the future. Keep the name flexible enough that it will still make sense if you add a product line or increase the range or location of services.

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4. Be Unique

Check that possible names are available both as a domain and trademark. You should avoid names if something very similar or a variation already exists. In some cases, consulting an attorney is a wise move.


5. Test Your Name


With three to five really great names, test them out. Read your list aloud and visualize potential names into provisional logos. Conduct research with your target audience. This is incredibly important, even a name that passes through all the above stages may still fall flat on the market.



Picking the right name is a tricky but essential process that contributes to your success. If you are struggling to find the perfect name or are unsure about the best way to test your ideas, consider working with an expert.

David Fischer
Solutions for Growth
Master Certified Solution Provider