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Need Content? Ask a Question!

CTCT Employee

Need Content? Ask a Question!

If you’re using Facebook  for your social media marketing, one of your biggest concerns is how to generate content that will engage your readers. Try asking them a question! Facebook has a simple tool called Facebook Questions – click on Ask Questions, located at the top of the page, to get started. This tool allows you to create answers that you want readers to vote on, and also lets them add their own answer.


My bank recently used Facebook Questions to ask its customers which type of smartphone they use to do mobile banking. Android got the most votes, and a few weeks later, the bank introduced a new banking app for that smartphone. That question got people engaged to vote, and also prompted readers to post questions on their own to the bank’s wall – they asked when the new Android app would be released. The bank got people to interact on their Facebook page, and the question gave them marketing research on what smartphone app to introduce first.


You could also simply ask the question on your page’s wall and ask people to comment on it. Some people ask questions that encourage their audience to fill in the blank. In a Pickle, a Constant Contact customer in Waltham, Mass., recently combined a fill-in-the-blank with a contest on their Facebook page. They asked "If I were the principal of a school I would_____!"? The person whose answer got the most likes won a $150 gift card to Staples. This one post generated 24 comments and 40 likes for the winning post. That one question prompted people to engage with their Facebook page 64 times, and they continued to participate each time the contest was promoted on Facebook.


Keep the dialogue going with your customers through questions. You can learn more about what they want from you, and give them a reason to come back to your Facebook page and your business.

Azure Collier
Honored Contributor

Re: Need Content? Ask a Question!

Great pointers Azure!  I wonder how many of our Community Users have used the Facebook Questions option and how it worked for them?  Let us know guys!