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New C/C Facebook Autoresponder Ad Program

Occasional Contributor

New C/C Facebook Autoresponder Ad Program

I'm wondering if anyone has tried the new Constant Contact Facebook Autoresponder program that costs $149/month plus a $250 start-up fee?  They create an ad for you, supposedly target your optimal market for views, and when people click on it, they can opt-in to your email autoresponder. You have to set up emails to "drip" on them for however long you want, of course.


So here is my experience.....

I was using the $100/5K views program, which linked to one email, but then that program disappeared.  The new program above must have replaced it, as I can't find the old one anymore.


So when I saw this new option I inquired and spoke with a "Marketing Coach" who turned out to merely be a salesman. He told me that this would seriously out-perform the previous cheaper option and led me to believe I would fill my workshops with this new program in 2 months!  (I only need 10 to fill my workshop, so I wasn't too worried!)


However, I had much better results with the cheaper option! In fact, the $399 program has given me been extremely disappointing results!  In my previous $100 campaign, I had 5400 views and 110 clicks, which was more than double the average. However, with this new $399 upfront, plus $149 per month program, I had 4000 views in the first month, an UNKNOWN number of clicks, but only 5 opt-ins to my email autoresponder!  Of those, 2 opted-out within the first 2 emails and the others simply quit opening them.  And the WORST part is that my "Marketing Specialist" is trying to tell me those are EXCELLENT results and ABOVE AVERAGE! 


Granted, it could be my ad and my emails that are not working, but there is NO TRAINING on how to optimize your ads to encourage opt-ins to the Autoresponder, nor any info on how to design the A/R to get people to your website.  They don't even allow you to market-test various ads.  Everytime you change a picture in the ad or the wording it takes a day or two off your campaign, which amounts to $5/day.


My "Marketing Specialist" has been virtually no help!  I suspect she has no outside training in Social Media Marketing, other than what came with her C/C job.  I say this, because I have come up with ALL the ideas, including adding a FREE OFFER to my ad, completely redsigning my emails and offering a big discount, if they act soon.  I also thought about adding a link to my autoresponder on my Facebook fanpage.  However, when I asked her if there was a way to do that, she responded "No!"  I have since found through my C/C research that there are definintely links you can add to Facebook, so now I think she's either lazy, incompetent or knows that I will find a free work-around! Which I think I have! 


At this point, I will be happy if I get ONE SIGN-UP from this program!  At least it will pay for my cost! 


So in my opinion, this new campaign is a total WASTE of good time and money!  It offers NOTHING you cannot do yourself, especially if you want to pay for your own FaceBook ads.  My Facebook video ads were outperforming anything I had previously tried. I got over 2500 clicks in one day and was only paying $.05 per click, probably becasue not many people market Relationship Workshops.  Unfortuantely, I posted an ad that was apparently a bit too controversial for some viewers, and got too many complaints.  They simply banned me for LIFE - No warning, no second chance!  So I had hopes this would be a great solution to my problem! Well, unfortunately IT WASN'T!


So how about you? Have you tried it? If so, what has been your experience?  Has it worked for you?  I'd like to find out from C/C if they market-tested this program before rolling it out! I'll let you know, if I can find out!


Thanks for your input!


CTCT Employee

Re: New C/C Facebook Autoresponder Ad Program

Hello @CarolA23


I recently replied to your other post in the Community here; however, I wanted to reply to your original post too. I have asked that someone reach out to you to talk about your experience with this program. 

Occasional Contributor

Re: New C/C Facebook Autoresponder Ad Program

Thanks, Samantha! I did find that the new FaceBook Autoresponder program is not meant for short-term ads, but for building leads to nurture over maybe a year's time. My original contact (sales) person basically told me it was perfect for what I needed, which was a short-term marketing campaign for 2 workshops I' presenting this Fall!  So $550 later, I'm not any better off than before. I'm retired and these 2 workshops were meant to be the last ones I'm having.


Hopefully this wiill help those who are looking for that type of program.