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New Facebook Features!

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New Facebook Features!

I enjoy immensely talking with business professionals about their strategic use of Facebook.  While they typically always leave a consultation overwhelmed with new knowledge they always send back feedback on how useful their session was.  Today I enjoyed adding some new features to my Facebook consultation and once again had an enormous sense of pleasure when my client left feeling empowered and inspired to get to work on her Facebook page with new ideas.  Those new features are explained below. Enjoy!


See Who Posted

One thing that can drive a Facebook page admin nuts is not knowing which admin posted each post. Many page enjoy having several admins but it would be great to know the admin responsible for each post. Well, lucky for you and me that feature is now available!  Inside the activity log each post now labeled with the name of the admin responsible for creating the post.  Visit your 'edit page' tab and click on Activity Log to see for yourself!


Use the Power Editor for Call to Action Buttons

Screenshot Call to Action.JPG

This is a whole new giant and I recommend you really take some time to enjoy putting these together!  Imagine creating a post (not an ad) and including a "Register Now", "Learn More", "Shop Now", etc button to your post? When you click to your Ad Manager you will see Power Editor on the left. You'll first need to upload your pages, then create a campaign and finally create a post.  Once you've created your post including an image and additional text then you'll be able to select the specific button you prefer.  Publish your post and upload and you're all set! Then you can pay to boost it if you'd like for further reach.  For a video which will walk you through this process check this one out or you can click here to read step by step by Jon Loomer.  


Watch Other Pages

pages to watch.JPG

Have you received a notification that another page is watching yours? Facebook has been rolling this option out for page owners for several months now.  Keep an eye out on the likes of your competitor's pages, their reach and more. Read more about watching other pages here at Inside Facebook


Free Wi-Fi with Check-In

Philz-2.pngIf you've got a local brick-and-mortar business where people are often sitting and waiting you may find this new Facebook feature very interesting! Imagine offering free wi-fi to your patrons for checking-in on Facebook.  That's right Facebook is partnering with Netgear to offer free wi-fi with check-in.  Interested businesses do need to have one of the eligible Netgear routers to get started.  Learn more here! 


Please feel free to leave a comment with questions, tips or other Facebook features you've used that help you with build Raving Fans of your business!


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