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New Facebook Option Can Help Brands

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New Facebook Option Can Help Brands

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So I've posted about this before. But Facebook's EdgeRank system is causing loads of trouble for brands being seen by their fans on Facebook.  I've seen the brands I follow try multiple things. They've created lists that you can subscribe to, another one has started adding the links she wants you to check out in the first comment.  But the one thing I haven't seen is anyone using Facebook's Promote option.


Facebook has said that now you can reach out to your fans and advise them to click on the  "Get Notifications" option under the "Liked" button. I'm going to test this out on my own. I know that I do have selected "Show in NewsFeed", but that doesn't always show me every brand I like.  Test this out yourself too and let me know if you notice more brands in your newsfeed or if you just start receiving Notifications like you would if someone posted on your wall, commented on a post, etc. also states that Facebook is testing a feature that fans will have titled "Pages Feed", where they can view all brands' updates.  That sounds interesting. I'd love to see that. A feed for my friends and a feed for the Brands I follow.


What do you guys think?


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