New Technologies: Yay or Nay for SMB?

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New Technologies: Yay or Nay for SMB?

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It seems like every day you're hearing about some new technology that is going to take the Small Business world by storm. You are faced with excitement and then disappointment. It happens all the time unfortunately.   How can you spot the winners from the losers? Do you even have the time to do the research that is needed to get you the results to actually benefit your small business? Probably not. So over at Small Business Trends, they have taken 7 of the latest technology trends and put whether or not you should get them for your business.


1. Smartphone Watch - While trendy and cool, unless your business can benefit from this, just use your smarthphone to accept an incoming call

2. 3-D Printers - Unless you sell something that would print from it, use your money elsewhere

3. QR Codes - Now I disagree with their point here that most people won't take out their smart phone app to scan this. I would rather scan a QR code then have to remember to type in your website the next time I'm at a computer



To read about the other 4 technologies, check out "Should Your Small Business Just Ignore These 7 Technologies".

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