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New Twitter Feature!

Honored Contributor

New Twitter Feature!

One of my favorite features of Twitter is the ability to retweet what one of the people I follow has tweeted. This feature has certainly changed from what I first saw back in 2008 when I started using Twitter.  Back then if you wanted to retweet what someone said you had to copy the tweet including their Twitter handle, paste it in as you were writing it yourself. You also had to add a "RT" to the beginning so people knew that you were retweeting someone. 


Since then, Twitter has enabled the retweet icon. It looks like the 2 arrows chasing each other. While this is a very easy way to retweet someone, it doesn't allow you to make any modifications or any of your own content to the tweet.


Earlier this month, JP Mangalindan of Mashable wrote  a post "Twitter officially lets you retweet with comments now" that shows how this works now. I decided to test this in my own Twitter account.


  • First you want to click the retweet icon under a tweet that you want to share.


Twitter retweet.png


  • That will give you this overlay:


Retweet Add Comment.png


  • Enter your comment in the "Add a comment" box and then hit Tweet!


Add Comment.png


  • And here is what the retweet looks like now in your timeline or profile:


Retweeted with Comment.png


It takes up a bit more space so as JP mentioned it will be interesting to see what happens with this feature and if Twitter revamps it even more.


What do you think of this new feature? Will you be using it?