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New Video App Ocho

Honored Contributor

New Video App Ocho

SocialTimes announced today that a new video app has launched for your mobile. With Ocho you can create videso that last for 8 seconds and play on a continuous loop. This app was free in the App Store for Apple, Android is expected in 2015. Well, I have an iPhone so I went ahead and downloaded it!






Ocho.png   Ocho Signup.png   Ocho Main Screen.png



Once that is done, it will look for your Facebook friends that are on Ocho (I had 0) and then it wanted to access my Contacts. (I said no).


And now I'm in! I posted my first video of my desk.  You can add audio after you take the video so that's a neat feature. If you click the 3 dotted lines, that will give you options of where to share, email, message, Twitter, Facebook. You can also delete.


 Ocho Share.png    Ocho posted.png   Ocho delete.png


This reminds me a little bit of Vine. 


Try it out yourself and let me know what you think! How would you use this for your business?


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