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New Year, New Email Marketing Goals!

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New Year, New Email Marketing Goals!

New Year, New Email Marketing Goals!


Although the crystal ball in Times Square has not begun to drop, the countdown is certainly on . . . only 24 days until we ring in the New Year! The end of the fourth quarter and hectic holiday season are upon us, but this month is the perfect time to ponder your email marketing plan and goals for 2015.


Here are three quick tips to inspire your 2015 strategy:Goals 2015.jpg


Make Your List and Check it Twice!

In the world of email marketing, a current, active contact list is what enables us to reach our desired audience effectively. The relative quiet between Christmas and the New Year is an excellent time to rid your list of outdated email addresses, bounces and duplicates and to add contacts generated via your newsletter, social media and referrals. Focus on the quality of your contacts, not the quantity – remember that your message will have the greatest impact when it reaches the right recipient.


Chart Your Email Marketing Course!

Having a working list of newsletter topics as you head into next year is much like determining your route before embarking on a road trip. This type of planning eliminates uncertainty and frustration when it’s time to write and produce your newsletter and allows you the freedom to focus more efficiently on your message. Now is the ideal time to review your email marketing themes from the past year and to brainstorm a year’s worth of subject matter by researching hot topics, trends and forecasts in email marketing and your industry as well.


Create a Calendar that Makes Sense!

You’ve built a better contact list, you’ve developed relevant and enticing newsletter topics, so the remaining question pertains to timing and frequency. When should you email your clients – Quarterly? Monthly? Weekly? How will you strike the perfect balance between keeping your business top-of-mind and not inundating your customers’ inboxes? It is important to be aware of the typical frequency of communication in your industry as well as the time-sensitive nature of your message when necessary. Furthermore, ask for and listen to customer feedback. Your customers are your best resource for determining when to increase your presence and when to scale it back as well.


These three fundamentals will lay the groundwork for building a strategic, successful email marketing plan for 2015 and beyond. What ideas and goals are you contemplating as the ball drops this year? Please share your thoughts in the comment section below.


Happy, Healthy New Year from My NewsGirl!


Cathy Ann Drury

My NewsGirl