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New member in Lacey, Washington

Occasional Contributor

New member in Lacey, Washington

Just checking in. I've been using CC for a credit union newsletter for about three months--still learning.




Re: New member in Lacey, Washington



Welcome aboard! I hope everything is going well with your email newsletters.

If you have any questions or feedback feel free and post it and we will be happy to respond.




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Re: New member in Lacey, Washington

Mike, I'll take you up on your offer. I'm finding I lose the "text wrap" when I insert a photo in an box. The demo on the template wraps the photo, but after inserting the picture, the text begins below the picture or will only wrap the first line. I know I'm doing something wrong. But, what?



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Re: New member in Lacey, Washington



Do we have permission to go into your account to test this? If so, let us know what email this is, the block that it is occuring in and the name of the image you are inserting.


One tip may be changing the font size in that block.




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Re: New member in Lacey, Washington

Hi there, I am trying to get some references from other Credit Unions. I am considering using CC for our Credit Union here at Empower FCU in Syracuse NY region.   Would you or anyone else at a CU who sees this be willing to chat a bit about the product and how your using the service? 


You can private message me.