New to Getting Started from Scratch but Not Email Marketing

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New to Getting Started from Scratch but Not Email Marketing

I have done a lot of email marketing for a previous client with an established opt in list but I'm now in the situation of working for a small client who is jst getting started marketing to customers and prospects. I have a few questions to simply get going.


1. Can I email to recent customers (6 months) who have not opted in?

2. Much of the sales work is done by phone so can a sales person ask permission to send an email or be on a list and have that count as an opt in?

3. There are already forms on the site to request more info or request a quote. Can those forms serve double-duty and be used to opt people in?

4. What are other ways to get customers and prospects opted in?


Thanks so much.


Re: New to Getting Started from Scratch but Not Email Marketing

HI @KarenH470

Thanks for posting, welcome to the Community! You've got some great question so let me see if I can help.


Using Constant Contact you cannot email to anyone who has not opted in. It is up to you if you would like to contact them outside of your account to ask them to signup but in order to keep our sending reputation high we're pretty strict on this rule. 


You can get permission via phone, we would consider this implied consent. If this is the case, it would be in your best interest to follow up with a confirmation. Make sure you are very specific about what they are signing up to get. This might be a monthly news email, weekly coupons, etc.


Using Constant Contact's API you can use any signup process that you would like. You would need to have the knowledge or a developer to get this set up but once set this would allow contacts to come right into your account with the information you choose. 


What is this client's business? Do they have a store front? Facebook page? Is their audience a younger generation? We've got lots of signup tools here for you, check them out!


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