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No, I don't want your newsletters; I get enough emails already!

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No, I don't want your newsletters; I get enough emails already!

I hear this many times when I am asking people if I can add them to my email list.  I try not to take it personally, but how can I keep in touch with you and make sure you know when I am speaking at an event or have a special if you will not let me email them the information? 


Just like fishing, you need to have the right bait to catch what you are fishing.


CTA-and-Lead-magnet.jpgOn my personal website, I include a sign up to get a series of emails that introduce new users to the Constant Contact Basic Toolkit.  Many people feel overwhelmed when they first start with email marketing.  They like getting a series of emails that show them exactly how the dashboard works.  This free "lead magnet" is something that people want.  Other people use a coupon or free e-book.  


What do you have (or what can you easily create) that people might want to receive in return for giving you their email address?  Do you have a white paper from your professional industry?  Do you have a checklist you can create?


Once you have decided what your “bait” or “lead magnet” is, do not use it other places.  Make sure the only place you have it available is in return for an email address. You can include a link in your Welcome Email.  Alternatively, you can create an Auto Responder and include it in the first introductory email you send and then craft follow up emails that tell your client more about you, your business and your services. 


In these emails, you should offer a mid-range or introductory offer to your services. Make sure you are making the offer for your products or services.  Include Calls to Action (CTA) in each of them.  It is important to tell people about you, but you must also tell them how they can work with you and give them the opportunity buy your services or product. I was listening to a presentation last month where the speaker said she got emails that she enjoyed so much she would gladly have paid to work with the person but there was never a CTA for her to buy anything! 


So, instead of asking people if they want to get your email newsletters, offer people the opportunity to get your fabulous tips, checklist or video.  Make it so the only way they get the product is to sign up to receive it by email.  Follow up with auto-responders to tell more about how fabulous you are and do not forget to give them the opportunity to get something even better in exchange for a payment!

Ellen McDowell
Ellen McDowell - Your Social Butterfly
Master Certified Solution Provider
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Participating Solution Provider

Re: No, I don't want your newsletters; I get enough emails already!

Great suggestions to encourage people to sign up. 

Lorraine Ball
Master Certified Solution Provider