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No One is Reading My Facebook Posts

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No One is Reading My Facebook Posts

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Engagement Marketing can be funny. One day you'll see a ton of activity while on the next, it could be very slow going. Don't fret, there's a few reasons why this may be happening.


Facebook has a lot of users. Somewhere around 900 million. That's a lot of people. Picking the right time to post your update is crucial but there's no exact science to this. A post that was sent at 2:00 PM on a Tuesday may not have the same response as a post at the same time on a Wednesday. Basically, what worked for you yesterday may not work for you today.


Try testing updates at different times during the week to see if you can find your sweet spot. Try posting to multiple social networks at varying times.


Then there's the factor of edge rank. Edge rank is Facebook's way of sending the right information to the right people. Basically, if I tend to "Like" a lot of your posts, it's likely that I'm going to see your next update at the top of my feed. If someone continually ignores your posts, you probably won't be showing up in their news feed as often as you like.


So what do you do? Treat your Facebook page like your website and continually link to it in your emails. This will drive traffic to your page and can potentially increase your Likes. Because you can't guarantee yourself a spot in a fan's newsletter, continually remind them of your presence and drive them back to your page. Want to offer a reason why? Try a Social Campaign.


Whatever you decide to do, don't stop trying!


What's your Facebook sweet spot? What do you think of Edge Rank?


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