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Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch Develop in 2014:

CTCT Employee

Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch Develop in 2014:

If you’ve been in marketing throughout the years, it may seem like we have crossed over to the other side and we’ve arrived at ‘the future.’ Fundraising is never easy, but it truly has never, ever been this easy. Social media is no longer a cutting edge, emerging tool but rather clearly positioned in 2014 as an increasingly mandatory communication toolbox necessary to carry out a successful online fundraising strategy in addition to the more traditional approaches of an earlier time in internet marketing.


Here are a few Nonprofit Technology Trends to Watch Develop in 2014:



1.)    Mass Adoption of Responsive and Flat Design


Upgrading your website and fundraising communications to support mobile traffic will start to really impact nonprofits. A web presence that is responsively designed for optimal mobile/tablet web browsing has a better chance of cashing in on ‘impulse donating’.


2.)    Integration of Digital Wallets into Social Networks


Digital wallets will find their way into social media this year and beyond so that it’s easier for donors to donate where they like to share. Imagine a one-tap donation process or text-to-pay option made very, very simple and fun for your nonprofit!



3.)    Live Reporting During TV Events


As live reporting beefs up in 2014, tweeting during major TV events also gives nonprofits the opportunity to foster your nonprofit’s exposure to major TV viewers with ads and hashtags and by injecting yourself into the trending conversations during that event. During the Superbowl, I got five new followers simply by tweeting the hashtags associated with the commercials I really appreciated!



4.)    Maturation of Mobile Fundraising Apps


As mobile fundraising apps come and go since the adoption of the smartphone, nonprofits stand to benefit from trying them out and making them part of your fundraising process. Keep an eye out for the trending apps of the day, as they are stronger and better as technology evolves.



5.)    Increased Employment Opportunities in New Media


Time is money, but social media requires time to use it effectively. The number of social networks your nonprofit manages a presence on and the quality of its content is directly correlated to the amount of time your staff invests in new media. Adjusting your budget to take this into consideration is quickly proving wise to nonprofits of all kinds.


Don't be afraid to try something new (and oftentimes free) with your nonprofit fundraising this year. It could just be the breakthrough you've been working towards with your fundraising.


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