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Not Every One of Your Customer’s Think the Same.

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Not Every One of Your Customer’s Think the Same.

Here are two reasons why it’s a mistake to send the same message to everyone in your database.


If you want your marketing to work 24/7, I’d use both 1) niche and 2) target marketing.PeopleRpeople.jpg


Some people use the words interchangeably. As the promotional noise gets louder and more frequent, it’s wise to look at each one separately. The following two definitions work well within a small business that is trying hard to learn more about their customers.


A niche market is the separation of the total market on which a specific product is focused. Every product is defined by its market niche. Therefore, your niche market must be specialized, and built to survive among the competition from numerous companies.

For example, the I-Phone has a niche market for smart phones.


A target market is a group of customers which adhere to a specific common denominator that a company can label as a specific group or segment.

Some of the more common segments are geographic locations, demographic, such as age or income, behavioral and psychographic, such as values and lifestyles.

For example, if you are selling a better lawn mower, you would not target an apartment or condominium dweller.


Not every contact is the same.

Not every contact in your niche market list is the same. As your marketing team spends some time studying your customers buying behaviors, they’ll find a few unique ways to segment your niche market contacts into targeted segments.

There is a certain segment of my clients that are quite busy for the first 14 to 17 days of the month. Not a good time to reach them but the 3rd week is ideal. I even see open rates 3 to 4 days after the email is received. It pays to learn more about your clients and their industry if you’re looking for better marketing results.

I refer to this experience as breaking down the ICE. It’s an acronym I use meaning Interested Customer Engagement which helps us deliver a relevant marketing message to certain segment within our database. Plan to use more and better data management.


Contact Management

Just about every contact management system will allow your team to build a profile of each niche market and segment the contacts on how they use your products and services. This procedure lends itself to an easier analysis for determining the best way to segment all contacts.

If this is your first time using both niche and target marketing, the goal at this point is to come up with only a few segments. Your future attention and time will allow you to make each segment you build a profitable one and add additional ones as needed.


Set goals for the segment process.

As with anything good that comes from great marketing campaigns, it takes time to nurture a contact. The nurturing process may require added relevant messages for some contacts than others. Using a specific segmenting process for your company helps to break through the promotional noise, and for each contact, to become better acquainted with your business.


Do you use niche and target marketing?

There are many articles in this blog that can assist you as you move closer to a customer-centric marketing strategy. I wrote an article a few months back on relevancy and frequency. Click here now to read it now.


Thanks for reading and please share with others – except your competition! It is truly appreciated.


Mike Deuerling

Marketing Communications Group, Inc.



Everything marketing starts and ends with your customers… cater to them, listen to them and react to them. The results will amaze you.


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