Oh, Time Wasters!

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Oh, Time Wasters!

Every day you are surrounded by time suckers. They come in all sorts of forms.  I know you know what I'm talking about. It's that coworker that always comes by to chat that you just can't be rude to. Or it's that meeting to discuss what you're going to go over in that other meeting.  Entrepreneur shared an Infographic put together by AtTask, who surveyed about 250 professionals about the time wasters they face.  How many do you agree with?  What do you do to combat these time wasters?  For me, it's headphones mode. If I have those on, people think I'm busy and don't bother me!


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To check out the full article, read "Yes, You're Probably Guilty of the Biggest Office Time Wasters (Infographic)".


Time Wasters

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