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One and Done and I don't mean sport teams

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One and Done and I don't mean sport teams

This week I attended a presentation on email and social media by Steve Robinson, Regional Director for Constant Contact in the Midwest region. Steve is a great presenter.

I'm guessing there were over 50 people in attendance, but considering snow showers and a 12 degree temp, it was a pretty good turnout. I attend as many as I can to meet more small business owners and listen to their stories. It also reminds me of issues that I may take for granted occurring in many small businesses. During each presentation I attend, I usually invoke the KISS rule within my brain sometime after the second or third sip of coffee.

With the NFL playoffs fresh in my mind, a recent post on my blog, appropriately titled "One and Done" will help a few of the people I talked with or listened to at the presentation. Some people expressed concern on open rates and the types of email content to use. I always tell my customers to never consider an email a failure after one use or you were disappointed by the email open rate. Let’s put on our Sherlock Holmes hat and try to find a way to make it better. Remember, you are dealing with a lot of variables, but the biggest is the mind of your customer.

Last year I wrote an article in my Direct Mail Success publication on testing that may help in your future emails or whatever channels you use to communicate with you customers. Just click on the "attachment id 504 link" on the web page that opens.

Let me know what you think and if I can answer any questions.

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