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Our experience surveys get low interest. Could blog create more feedback?

CTCT Employee

Our experience surveys get low interest. Could blog create more feedback?

A nonprofit in today's Constant Contact live nonprofit webinar had this question so I wanted to share it with all of our nonprofit community members. 
Our experience surveys get low interest.  Post event feedback is high on social media. Could blog create more feedback?

That’s great that you get event feedback on your Facebook page! However it’s important to get feedback from the majority of attendees so you have enough information to make truly impactful changes to future events. The key to getting a lot of feedback after an event is to send a “Thank you for attending” email as quickly after the event as possible. Include a link to a simple online survey and make that link the focal point of your email. If your request for feedback is at the bottom of the email or it’s one of 5 links in your email, you will decrease the amount of feedback you get. Keep the survey short and simple and let attendees know in the email that it will only take perhaps 2 minutes of their time. Take a look at the Event Evaluation template in the nonprofit pack of Constant Contact’s survey tool for good questions that will give you very actionable results.


Caroline Shahar