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Overwhelmed by social media? You're doing it wrong.

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Overwhelmed by social media? You're doing it wrong.

Woman Gesturing Stop.jpgWith Twitter celebrating its 7th birthday recently we can't really say social media is new anymore, but there are still plenty of businesses that haven't jumped on board consistently. In a recent post in this community by Solution Provider MyNewsGirl, she talks about why your business should use social media. She has an audience that needs to hear compelling messages like this to be convinced.


There's a problem though with adoption and consistent execution of social media by small businesses and that's a palpable sense of overwhelm. 


The source of social media overwhelm


I believe there are 4 main reasons why business people are overwhelmed by social media:

1. Lack of knowledge

2. Lack of a dedicated resource on the team

3. An uncertainty of what to say

4. Too many social networks, too little time 


Let's take these on one by one. The first issue is lack of knowledge. This is not a good reason to feel overwhelmed in my opinion because there is so much good and free education out there about social media. Constant Contact has a great Learning Center where you can get the knnowledge you need. I also recommend Social Media Examiner.


Lack of a Dedicated Resource

The second issue is not having a dedicated resource on the team. This is a legitimate problem. If you're a business of one or two without a dedicated marketing person, then you can only find the time by either becoming more efficient or eliminating something you do that doesn't contribute in a meaningful way.


Social media does take time to be done well. I don't gloss over that fact with people. However, if you are creating content on a blog or producing an email newsletter, then finding the time for social media does make good sense because it can drive traffic to those vehicles. Here's one idea to find the time. First, keep a log for two weeks of what you spend your time doing each day. Somewhere in there you'll find an activity you can decrease, eliminate, delegate or outsource. Dedicate that found time to social media.


Uncertainty Around What To Say

The third issue is an uncertainty around what to say. Well, there are lots of ideas around this such as create lists of your top tips to help people with your expertise, write answers to questions you get from clients, teach people how to do something well in your field and so on. I recently wrote a post on creating a social content strategy that may help you here, too. 


Too Many Networks, Too LIttle Time

I have no idea how many social networks there are. What I do know is there are too many for anyone to take on. In fact I see a clear shift in 2013 away from trying to be everywhere at once and rather focusing on what works in the right places where your clients and prospects are.


Here's a short video entitled Focused Social Networking Is Key where I expand on this topic a bit. 


The bottom line is that you should not be overwhelmed by social media. Yes, there are common reasons why this happens, but there are solutions to those issues and many businesses are making it work. Move past the overwhelm and find the benefits for your business. 


Do you have questions related to any of the four issues? Please post them below.

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Re: Overwhelmed by social media? You're doing it wrong.

This is such a relevant post!  Social Media can be overwhelming because there are so many different sources. At Del-Air Electrical ( we try to keep a focused strategy using Facebook and blog posts on our website.  Trying to be everywhere at once can be difficult, but having a strategy helps!