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PDF to digital magazine software


PDF to digital magazine software

Has anyone used software that turns PDFs into digital magazines or brochures (where pages flip)? There seem to be a ton of products out there (flippingbook, turn-page, uniflip, epaperflip, etc.) but I'd like to talk to someone who has actually used this technology.

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Re: PDF to digital magazine software

Hi Andrea,


I haven't heard of any of these programs, but I did tweet out your question and hope that we can get an answer for you!



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Re: PDF to digital magazine software

Not sure how they work but look at this one.



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Re: PDF to digital magazine software

I'm not sure is this link match what you would like to do:

In case it is, we have solution for this.


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Re: PDF to digital magazine software

Hi, you can try Kvisoft digital magazine software,it can help you convert PDF to digital magazine with page turning effect.  You can also add videos, images to the pages. Hope this helps!

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Re: PDF to digital magazine software

You will either need to know programming language, or purchase a software that will create the action for you.

Each of the companies you mentioned will allow you a free trial. During this free trial, some of the full features may not be available.


We've used


Before downloading a free trial and spending your time playing with it, you should know specifically what you want to accomplish. If you want a simple page turning appearance, that can be accomplished with simple code. If you have a large catalog and will be changing images, audio or content often, you ill need a more complex program. Also take the actual cost into consideration. I've seen these programs range from $299 to $999; some with monthly maintenance fees or other license fees.


Once you know what you want the product to do for you, if you can't get the answers from their web page, email or call them for more details.


For clients who want a simple page change in their web content, we use Flash Page Flip, which uses a SWF file.
For clients who have larger catalogs, we have used


Wishing you awesome and continuing success,


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