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Partner Marketing for Software and Tech Companies: Entente

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Partner Marketing for Software and Tech Companies: Entente

Hello everyone,

TKuder_square.jpgI'm Tom Kuder, the founder and president of Entente, an alliance marketing consulting firm. Entente is a French word meaning "alliance" or "relationship" which is exactly where my expertise is focused. I've been running partner and sales channel programs for software companies for many years, and started my own independent consulting firm about five years ago to help other businesses make the most of their partners and alliances. As such, Entente is a B2B company.


I use CTCT for my customer and prospect communication, including a semi-regular newsletter PartnerWise. My newsletter content comes mostly from my blog articles, which gives me a way to share ideas across several communication channels.


Entente is also an authorized Constant Contact Partner, which means I can help other businesses get going and productive with email marketing. In this area, my customers range from large enterprise software vendors to smaller high-tech service companies to really small businesses -- even my barber is a customer! I've found that successful email marketing depends not only on understanding how to use tools such as Constant Contact, but also on clearly communicating with your audience about their needs and your unique value proposition.


I'm looking forward to participating in this community, and invite you to contact me if I can be of any service to you. Here are a few places you can learn more:


Entente's web site

Join my mailing list

PartnerWise blog




Re: Partner Marketing for Software and Tech Companies: Entente

HI Tom,

Thanks for posting in the Community! Since you do a lot of work with Email Marketing, check out our Critique My Campaign Board. I'm sure others would love to hear your feedback on their emails and you could even share your own to get some ideas!



Hannah M.
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Re: Partner Marketing for Software and Tech Companies: Entente

Thanks, Hannah, I've taken a peek at the "Critique" board and will definitely spend some time there.