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Pinterest and Facebook Prediction – Don’t Get Comfortable

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Pinterest and Facebook Prediction – Don’t Get Comfortable

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For a little while now I’ve been using Pinterest.  And everywhere I look that is all I see.  There is no doubt that Pinterest is the newest and biggest thing on the Internet.  And I do love it.  But you start to wonder what the big players of Social Media are going to do now that they have some competition.


Bundle Post has their own predictions.  One of which is that Facebook will convert how they use images on your pages to match that of Pinterest.  Robert Caruso states that Facebook doesn’t have to convert those that are on Pinterest over to Facebook because Facebook already has 750 million + people already using them.


  • What do you think?
  • Have you used Pinterest yet?  Professionally or personally?
  • Do you think Facebook will change how they use images to match Pinterest?

Check out Robert Caruso's post "Pinterest and Facebook Prediction – Don’t Get Comfortable"

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Re: Pinterest and Facebook Prediction – Don’t Get Comfortable

Interesting thought but they then face trying to be everything to everybody and losing focus on their core strength. One only has to look at how Google has spread themselves so thin and is in danger of fading out. And anyone that's kept up with their ongoing attempt to perfect search can see that they've created unnatural results by over-manipulation. That combined with being spread thin puts the company in jeopardy in my opinion. I like Pinterest and think it might have some staying power. They originally thought Twitter would get duplicated and run out of town but it's managed to stick around so I guess we'll see. 

Mike Donovan