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Please Do NOT Boost that Facebook Post

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Please Do NOT Boost that Facebook Post



Let me start by saying what I tell all my clients. It is more important to have 100 fans/subscribers/followers who love you then 5,000 who are moderately acquainted with you.


On the surface, boosting a post seems like a good thing:

  • You will reach a larger audience.
  • Facebook is helping you.
  • It only costs $5. I mean who wouldn’t pay $5 to reach 20-52,000 people? 

The problem is that if that exposure doesn’t lead people into your funnel to business then you are not only wasting the $5 but you are hurting your own organically grown Facebook engagement.


There is a better way. It’s called Custom and Lookalike Audiences. We are going to base this on your existing email list but you can actually create Custom and Lookalike Audiences from your existing fans (and their friends), customer database, LinkedIn connections, or from people who have visited your website.


Here we go. First, you need to upload your email list to Facebook. Just the email addresses. Don’t worry Facebook isn’t going to spam your list. Facebook isn’t after your list. I mean, they are Facebook. They have a bit of the market cornered already. Uploading your email list creates a Custom Audience that says “these are my people”. Facebook matches the email addresses up to their users with the same email addresses. What can you do with this information?

  • You can advertise to just those people – your email subscribers who do not like your page on Facebook. Encourage them to like your page so that they can automatically receive your special offers and exclusive content. This is a great strategy to form deeper relationships with your existing audience.
  • You can find people like those people. When you boost a post, you can choose targeting like age and location. But let’s be honest, you are just guessing really. However, Facebook knows everything about its users. Think about that for a moment. Facebook knows EVERYTHING – your birthday, your friends, where you work, where you went to school, the keywords in your profile, whom you interact with, which pages you like, EVERYTHING. All of your fans may share interests like wine and Scandal. You have no way of knowing that, but Facebook does. When you create a custom audience, you say, “these are my people”. When you create a Lookalike Audience, you say “find more people like my people”. Facebook is not going to tell you what those factors are. I am not sure a human could tell you. It’s an algorithm, but it’s a very accurate algorithm.
  • You can target that group of people based on all of the broad targeting factors available like gender, age, location, language, relationship status, and pages they like. Pause. Read that again. Pages they like. Boom. Do you ever wonder how you get that ad for the Dallas Cowboys t-shirt for a woman living in Virginia? Now you know.

Now, let’s take this planned advertising strategy where we are targeting people who might actually be interested in our products/services and put those leads into an online sales funnel that will deliver value over time. If you want to learn more, join me on an upcoming webinar.


For more marketing insights into Facebook advertising, visit For a limited time, there is a special free 11-part video course on Facebook advertising.

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Re: Please Do NOT Boost that Facebook Post

Very good point!!!

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Re: Please Do NOT Boost that Facebook Post

Ahh, how to make Facebook work for YOU!

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Re: Please Do NOT Boost that Facebook Post

Thank you, 4 hours of undertanding Facebook in video tutorials! Yay! I'm all over it. Thanks so much for sharing the wealth with other ALE's. LynAnn

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Re: Please Do NOT Boost that Facebook Post

Great comment! How can you target your audience without paying for Facebook's advertising? Is running an ad campaign the only way to do this?

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Re: Please Do NOT Boost that Facebook Post

I disagree.  I boost posts and I choose the option to broadcast to my audience and their friends.  I boost once or twice a week otherwise our posts do not show up in their feed.  When we boost a post, we get verbal feedback that our current customers saw our post.  We also get relevant and nonrelevant new likers and new customers.  

I do agree that choosing a broad advertising group is a waste of money.  Use the money to get in front of your current customers. 

Re: Please Do NOT Boost that Facebook Post

Thank you for this idea.  I used this method for a non-profit for a special event and it generated the highest reach ever 913 (302 Organic - 611 Paid - 50 Likes).  It only cost $3.87.  We have been trying to break 500 likes for sometime no thanks to Facebook changing their policies.  Now at 488 and climbing due to this method.  Thank you.