Power of Email Marketing During Inclement Weather

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Power of Email Marketing During Inclement Weather

We live in a diverse society in communicating with an array of people. There are different touch points in reaching out to your clients, customers and prospects.


  1. How do you communicate to your audience during inclement weather?
  2. Do you text them?
  3. Do you post any announcements on Social Media?

By crafting a short concise email announcement which can " Save you time and money for your Business". Email marketing will keep all of your clients, customers and prospects on a happy note.  


Here are some educational tips for email marketing for your business:


  • Creates brand awareness
  • Generates profit and revenue
  • Helps to improve repeat business 
  • Provides educational tips and valuable information for consumers
  • Effective communication for example: ( Business is closing early due to inclement weather)
  • Newsletters and announcements can posted on Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter 

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Cheryl Henchar, is the founder of Cheryl's Creative Services and is an Authorized Local Expert Speaker and Certified Solutions Provider with Constant Contact. 


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