Power of YouTube!

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Power of YouTube!




It’s no secret that Justin Bieber and Cody Simpson have used the power of YouTube to propel their careers to super stardom. I am sharing this with you because you can do the same

I started recording my presentations in 2008 and have not stopped doing since then. In January 2012, I got hired by a social media company due to the videos I had done. The rest is history!

The studies have been done and stats show that people watch videos every day from movie trailers to blooper videos, to upcoming singers. The opportunity is there for you to take advantage of this great medium to build your social profile online.
Below are three strategies to implement

1st Share Your Expertise

If you are comfortable recording yourself, then you are ready to be star of your own show. This can be exciting opportunity to share insight and strategies of what you are doing from sharing success in your business, to sharing events that you are attending or amazing people you have met.

2nd Do an Interview

If you don’t want be the showcase of your video then you can be behind the camera and be the director! You can interview a successful entrepreneur in your network and ask them questions on business, life and success or attend an event they are speaking at and record their presentation.

3rd Share at an Event

You can also attend networking or cultural events and share insights from attendees and what they are enjoying and even participate yourself (even briefly). You can leverage a current hobby of interest. If you interest in cultural event to learning development seminars.

Having the ability to have your own channel in the media world is a great and effective way to leverage you and your expertise and share the value with your network. This is a great way for them to learn more about you and perhaps you can be found and be the next star!

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Jim Pagiamtzis
Core Certified Solution Provider