Promoting our Business Conference

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Promoting our Business Conference

Hello, CC Community


My business is hosting a leadership conference this October and I would like suggestions on successful marketing tips that you have used.  We have been using social media and have gotten a lot of "likes"; however, those likes have not turned into registrations yet.  My next step is to do a mailing campaign, and follow that up with phone calls.


What do you find useful?




Re: Promoting our Business Conference

Hello @PinkeyS , 


I took a look at your account to see what I might be able to help suggest for you.  I noticed that while you are promoting a Conference you are utilizing just the Email Marketing section of an account.  We do have a product called EventSpot that might help you with promotion of your conference.  Take a look at this sheet of features, specifically the Event Promotion section, of our EventSpot product to see if they could be helpful to you.


Does anyone one else in the Community have suggestions?  Maybe some of our Solution Providers can share some tips too.  

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