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Put Your Money Where THEIR Mouth Is

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Put Your Money Where THEIR Mouth Is

This isn't the case of a mistaken possessive pronoun, but rather, a phrase that sums up last week's National Small Business Week events that I attended.  Both seminars focused on the importance of social media in business today and how we must be engaging with our clients and prospects.  Social media channels such as Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter are crawling with your customers. This is where people are talking.  They're talking about their lives, their families, their friends, their interests and their experiences.  It is where people are going to get information, both positive and negative.  It is the new "go to" for everything and anything.


CTCT Engagementstats.jpgExpensive traditional advertising which is most often too expensive for small businesses, is being replaced by these new social media channels.  Statistics prove it. As documented in Constant Contact's Engagement Marketing presentation, 36% of people trust advertising while 81% of people trust recommendations or online opinions.  When you're thinking about where you're spending your marketing efforts and ad dollars, it is time to put your money where their mouth is.  And if you haven't  joined the social media arena yet, it's time to get started.  


Still feeling skeptical and wondering why you should?   It's worth it to watch this four minute video called Social Media Revolution  produced by Erik Qualman, digital media expert and author of Socialnomics: How social media transforms the way we live and do business.   If you're not convinced now, by the end of this video, it will be clear to see why you should take action. 


Now there's good news and bad news in everything.  Let's start with the bad. It's overwhelming, right?!!  Did you see all those statistics?!!  And all those media outlets?  Which one is right for my business?  You might be thinking this or saying that you don't have time to devote to all of these.  You are probably right and this was the general consensus from small business owners last week as I sat on a panel with other experts on the subject.  For starters, you have to dive a little deeper into your business and think about your customers, who your target audience is and decide which outlet would be best for you. 


Erik Qualmanquote.jpgThe good news is, social media channels require little or no money to get started.  And as Erik Qualman says "We don't have a choice on whether we DO social media, the question is how well we DO it". So, don't wait!  Get started today.  There are numerous tools available to help you get started.  Constant Contact's Social Media Quickstart is a great resource.  Click here for more information.  And there are also many professionals available who specialize in social media.  


If your business is looking to engage with customers in the social media arena and you need assistance, please like my Facebook page to take advantage of an offer celebrating National Small Business week.  Social media is here to stay so get started on putting your money where their mouth is!