Quantity vs. Quality…

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Quantity vs. Quality…


               Which one scores your highest ratings in marketing and advertising?

In the past, having a conversion rate using direct mail, one percent was acceptable. Yes, one percent. Now you know why you received more mail back in the day.

First, let’s look at another example. A response rate is an important metric for analyzing a mailing or any other communication channel your customers may prefer. But a high response rate is not always the best goal.

If you’re trying to generate sales leads for a high-dollar service where the contract might be over one million dollars, a single reply that results in a sale might give you a low response rate, but it would likely represent a significant return on investment.

Your goal is not to maximize response but to maximize profit. Direct marketers and mailers in the past century would buy more lists to increase their mailing number hoping to get more responses. Hence, the name, junk mail.

Some of today’s digital marketers love telling anyone that listens they have over 200,000 followers. Hence the name, digital flame out.

“Single focused approach, effective utilization of natural skills, creative choices, and self- belief is essential to achieve superior quality.” Famous Quotes, 1 2 3 Website

Profit is a good thing.

So, how do we raise our profit? One of the reasons, direct2customer marketing comes so highly recommended to use with any communication channel, is the ability to test.

Testing allows adjustments which can create an increase to maximize your profit.

While there is a lot of creativity that goes into writing and designing communications, testing should be a careful and disciplined process. This is a great example of the use of science in marketing within our data driven era.

Test one item at a time.

It may be tempting to test a variety of ideas in every message. If so, it’s impossible to know what element is responsible for changing your results.

For example, if you use a new subject line at the same time trying a new segment, which change will affect your results? By testing only one change per message, you can immediately see what causes your positive or negative results.

If you want to improve your landing page conversions, then use Split testing, better known as A/B testing.

A/B testing involves creating two versions of your landing page for example, that are almost entirely the same, but have one specific difference you want to test.

For instance, you could A/B test which headline or offer converts more by creating one page with the headline or offer A and the other with headline or offer B. Half of your visitors will see version A and the other half will see version B.

Test against your “control.”

A/B testing can work with any communication channel you want. Even your control can be an email that has proven to be a winner. Once you have a winner, you can test other email messages or formats against it.

This works like a contest, with the old and new competing against each other. If your control wins, you know you should continue using it.

If the challenger wins, you know you might have a new control and should consider emailing the new message or format instead.

While there is a lot of creativity that goes into writing and designing your marketing communications, testing should be a careful and disciplined process.


The key takeaway is to test one marketing or advertisement message at a time. Plus, check out your analytics for additional campaign insights for maximizing your profit.

So, by now we can assume, it’s quality?


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