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Quick Tip: What About Yelp?

CTCT Employee

Quick Tip: What About Yelp?

Are you paying attention to your business on Yelp? If not, you should be! As customers leave their feedback on Yelp, your business gets more exposure and promotion, allowing you to reach a whole new audience of prospective customers.


So what should you be doing to make the most of this?


Yelp is entirely free to use, signup with, and leave reviews.  So let the good word on your business spread like wild fire.

Jaime McCall
Knowledge Base Writer
Constant Contact
Regular Advisor

Re: Quick Tip: What About Yelp?

Thanks Jaimie. Another great avenue to get your business name out there. We looked into it sometime ago but it is mostly geared toward local businesses where we are internet-only. 

Mike Donovan