Reactivating your Email List

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Reactivating your Email List

Getting Attention


I came across a Case Study posted on the Getting Attention Blog that has some really great ideas on how to "re-engage contacts who were are not interacting with your emails."  


This particular non profit decided to segment out their contact list by putting anyone who has not interacted (i.e. opened, clicked, responded) with their campaigns in the last year, into a list.  They then sent targeted emails to those contacts to try to get them to re-engage.  This particular organization sent a series of 3 emails to those contacts.  Here is a breakdown of their series:

  1. Their first email gives the contact a call to action, click on a link if you still want to hear from us.  They try to get the contact back saying "We miss you"
  2. A more urgent plea, saying "Our organization needs you."  There are more calls to action, and information about what their organization does.  
  3. A final good bye, letting the contact know that they are going to be taken off of the list.  They also do something great here, they have a survey if someone clicks on their calls to action.  It allows the contact to select what emails they want to receive and gives the option for feedback.   

Some of the reflections from the organization are that they might add another email to their series, and try to work on their calls to action.  From their efforts, this organization has re-engaged 5% of their inactive contacts!  


What do you think of this strategy?  Do you think your non-profit could benefit from a strategy like this?  If you were to run a campaign similar to this, what would you do the same and what might you do differently?  


Make sure to check out the full article here.