Reconnecting with Clients and Prospects

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Reconnecting with Clients and Prospects

The new year has begun and time to start focusing and revitalizing relationships with prospects and current clients. Last weekend during the monstrous Blizzard. While sitting in my office looking out the window and seeing all of the beautiful snow falling.  I decided this would be a good day to start organizing all of my business cards and database full of contacts from various events.


When being an entrepreneur we all seem to have an extensive list of contacts from various organizations and industries. There are various touch points in reaching out to clients and prospects such as email follow ups, texting, face to face conversations and traditional phone calls. 


Here are my recommended strategies to be more organized and aggressive with follow ups. 


Identify your business cards: Whenever, I exchange business cards with other business people. I always make a notation on the card with the date and event. This helps me to remember how I had met this individual.


Sorting: Review the pile of business cards and organize them by networking events. While reviewing the business cards. I look to see when the last contact this individual or organization was made. If there was a gap, since touching base with them within a few months. I put them into a pile to give them a phone call or an email.


Reviewing the database: Download all the contacts into a master spreadsheet.  Sort them by individual names and organizations.  Create seven columns within the spreadsheet.


  1. First name
  2. Last name
  3. Email address
  4. Phone number
  5. Organization
  6. Phone Call
  7. Send an email

After the spreadsheet is organized, put a checkmark or checkmarks in the appropriate  column.


Plan of actionSetting monthly goals by organizing my calendar in coordinating phone calls email follow ups,schedule face to face meetings and utilize Skype. 


I hope this blog has inspired you to be more aggressive with your follow ups to customers and prospects in 2016.


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