Reflection on 2014 and Setting New Goals for 2015

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Reflection on 2014 and Setting New Goals for 2015

We are all closing out the business year of 2014. Take a few minutes to review your Marketing stratgeties and determine what had worked and not worked for your business. Setting goals is essential in growing a business, but they should be realistic and attainable. 


While sitting at your desk and enjoying a cup of coffee or tea. Take a few minutues and review some business stratetgies that might have been sucessful for your business in 2014. 


1) How efficient was your business in following up with prospects? 


2) Did your business celebrate any special milestones with your customers or employees?


3) Did any business associates attend business events?


4) Did any sales respresentatives visit clients monthly or quarterly?


5) Did your business support your customer businesses? 


6) Did your business promote and prepare for the major holidays early enough during the year. 


7) Did your business hire any college interns to help increase business? 


8) Did your business do any cold calling? 





Stragetegy Goals for 2015


1) Create a journal notebook with calendar dates to write down important events and holidays to help execute Marketing strategies efficiently


2) Meet with clients in January to map out Marketing strageties for the first quarter of the year


3) Brain storm with clients to share ideas together


4) Introduce new products and services


5) Participate in local events


6) Network with local organizations and chambers


7) Participate in the Constant Contact monthly webinars


8) Revew current client accounts and determine whether or not their business would beneift in upgrading to toolkit


9 Research and reach out to local new businesses and industries 


10) Create shorts videos and post them on You Tube


11) Reward clients and employees for special milestones through out the year


12) Be sure all clients are using Mobile friendly templates and Mobile websites 


13) Build partnerships with other small business owners 


Have a wonderful holiday season with your family and friends!! 



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