Reflection on 2015 and Preparing for 2016

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Reflection on 2015 and Preparing for 2016

I was sitting in my office today sipping on a hot cup tea and reviewing all of my accomplishments, new learning experiences and acquiring new skill sets. Having a small business is extremely challenging and rewarding for me in many ways. There are always peaks and valleys including roller coaster rides regardless the size of your business. 


Now, I would like to share a few of my business milestones in 2015. I was selected to become an Authorized Local Expert Speaker (ALE) with Constant Contact on the NY Metro Team. This is an elite program with only approximately 175 people are selected for this program within the United States. I truly enjoy public speaking to an array of different groups at various ventures. I cherish the interaction with diversified business owners. Becoming an ALE has opened many doors for me professionally. It has given me opportunities to develop strong leadership skills in educating consumers the values of email marketing and integrated online marketing tools for their businesses or nonprofit organizations. If you enjoy speaking to the public. I strongly recommend it for your business if it applicable. Its definitely challenging in finding various associations and ventures to host speaking engagements. 


Another skill I have acquired is hosting webinars on a weekly basis. Conducting webinars are very challenging, because there is limited interaction with people. It really takes a few times to develop your own style of teaching. I execute webinars once a week with various topics discussing the values of email marketing with Constant Contact. I've had attendees participate from around the globe in my webinars. In hosting webinars has really expanded my global horizons. 






Another extraordinary milestone for me was achieving my 4th quarter goals to qualify for You Are One in A Million special program with Constant Contact from January 4th to January 15th presenting to consumers "Power of the Inbox".  "Since 2008 Constant Contact has reached and educated one million consumers about email marketing through their educational program."


I had the opportunity to attend the third Constant Contact Annual One Con conference in Las Vegas, Nevada. It was an excellent conference and returned home with a wealth of information. It was great spending time with alumni’s and meeting new faces from around the globe. I strongly encourage people to attend businesses conferences whenever possible. 


This past year, I have developed new business partner relationships,friendships and business colleagues. Whenever, I hit a stumbling block with a difficult situation. I can always pick up the phone give one of my business colleagues call for some advice.  Life is such a learning experience each day.


It's essential to set realistic goals to achieve for your business in 2016. While preparing my new marketing plan for 2016. I was evaluating all the different industries within my business to see how profitable they were for email marketing in 2015. This will help measure my demographics and industries for 2016 to be more efficient. 


I recently analyzed my negative experiences this past year and have incorporated them into new goals for 2016. It's important to review your business marketing plans on a quarterly basis to make any proper adjustments.  I hope you have found this blog to be beneficial for you in setting realistic business goals in 2016. 




Cheryl Henchar

Founder of Cheryl's Creative Services 


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