Refreshing Your Image: Four Reasons to Redesign Your Site

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Refreshing Your Image: Four Reasons to Redesign Your Site

Does your website need a refresh? The Internet moves fast: if your website hasn't been redesigned in the past two or three years, it may need to be entirely remodeled. There are a few major reasons why you may want to redesign your site from the ground up now


Updating to Current Web Standards

Just a few years ago, mobile devices weren't as popular as they are today. Today, all websites need to be accessible via mobile device -- and this is just one example of an area in which web standards have changed. If your website hasn't been updated in a few years, it will likely both look out dated and function poorly on modern devices. Modern security standards have also changed: there are many new requirements for those who process credit cards that you may not be properly following if you haven't updated your e-commerce portal


Reacting to Your Customer's Needs

Your clientele from three years ago is not identical to the clientele you have now. Not only can your customer base have shifted, but their needs may have changed. Remodeling your website to emphasize the services and products that you are selling more of now is an excellent way to maximize your own revenue. [Read More]

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Re: Refreshing Your Image: Four Reasons to Redesign Your Site

It's important to make change in your design but always remenber to keep the identity of your brand. Good post.



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