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Resources, definitions and a little more KnowHow

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Resources, definitions and a little more KnowHow

I was checking out the end of the Engagement Marketing book and realized there is not only a great glossary of some of the terms the book talks about - like "Socially Visible Call-to-Action," and "Implied Endorcement" - but there is also a great reference list! 


I know for me, I have a constant debate on whether to check-in on FourSquare or Facebook, but what the heck is Pagemodo? What's live-tweeting? And how do I know or should I know my EdgeRank???


Thanks Gail for making these terms easily understood in the book and for defining a few of the lesser known ones for the rest of us!


To help, I have included a few links from the book above too, but be sure to read the book all the way to the end for many more!!!


PS Live tweeting is "the practice of documenting an event through tweets that are posted while the event is in progress usually using a hashtag."

Rosalind Morville