Respecting Your Inbox!

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Respecting Your Inbox!




Years ago we had Hotmail and Yahoo account which everything would just filter into, and we just managed to scan through the information. Today things have changed, we have multiple projects and people we are connected with are managing communication is important. Today things have changed, we have multiple projects and are connected to many people, so managing communication is important.
Three Strategies to Implement

1st Use Folders

Creating folders to manage the email coming into your inbox is the best to way to manage your emails and daily activities. There are many emails you can view later in the day or week, and some you can just delete!

Having folders gives you the ability to handle what’s important in your day and what needs to be done that’s important.

2nd Manage Your Contacts

You can create folders with your contact’s name, for example “Eric Swift” and put all the email coming from him in that selected folder. This allow you to prioritize your contacts better and gives you an easier way to track down previous email sent you to by this contact.

3rd Priorities


Being able to prioritize which emails need to be answered is the first priority that needs to be completed. This should not take long. Answers should be short and sweet. Then you will get to secondary emails to be worked on.


Recently gmail made some upgrades separating your emails into primary, social and promotional. This should make it easier to view and then organize your emails for the day.

We are in the 21st century and emails will be part of the fabric of daily business life. Taking some of the steps above will make it easier to manage and bring some results to your day.




Jim Pagiamtzis
Core Certified Solution Provider