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Risky Business: LinkedIn Protocols - Top 10 Do's & Don'ts

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Risky Business: LinkedIn Protocols - Top 10 Do's & Don'ts

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Being on LinkedIn for over 4 years, I will attest to it being a usable, practical, and interactive tool for networking. However, users need to remember one key thing, that LinkedIn is still the social media platform of choice for professionals.


Improper LinkedIn etiquette can alienate your professional contacts and turn away prospective employers from hiring you. In my experience, when it comes to LinkedIn etiquette, there are a few best practices that you should consider:


  • Personalize requests. Tell people the reason you are connecting with them.
  • Use a profile picture so people identity yourself.
  • Personalize your recommendation requests and offer to do the same (if appropriate).
  • Keep professional at all times and only share relevant business information.
  • Turn off notifications when updating your profile.
  • Send a welcome letter that provides value.
  • Nurture relationships regularly. Think quality, not quantity.
  • Make your list of contacts open to your connections.
  • Expand your relationships by offering to introduce your connections to others in your network.
  • Be responsive to messages (1 -2 business days).



  • Spam your connections with trivial messages.
  • Over post – once a day is good.
  • Ask people for LinkedIn recommendations, if you don’t know them.
  • Post negative or critical statements or responses.
  • Post self-serving content to group members that hold no value.
  • Ensure privacy at all times.
  • Send messages to multiple people without un-checking the option ‘allow recipients to see each other’s names and email addresses.’
  • Ask people to like your Facebook page, it’s tacky.
  • Ask for endorsements from new connections or people you don’t know.
  • Send messages to new connections or people, telling them you know they viewed your profile.
  • Treat LinkedIn like Facebook or Twitter; it’s more of a professional forum.

What does this all mean? If you put in the appropriate amount of effort, time and commitment in building your LinkedIn presence and become that resource relationship to your connections.

If you’re just not there and have a desire to increase your LinkedIn presence and experience a “hands-on” intense boot camp like experience, consider taking the “Best Ever LinkedIn Clinic”.


To register connect with Javed S. Khan at 416-889-6069 or


About Javed S. Khan

Javed S. Khan is an Accredited Authorized Local Expert Presenter & Solution Provider with Constant Contact and hosts the ever popular “Best Ever LinkedIn Clinics”. He works with small to medium business owners & associations, teaching best practices relating to email, social media and online marketing as a means to drive awareness and more revenue.


He is regularly asked to be an Event Speaker and has hosted many event presentations himself.

Interested in having Javed at your next event, please call him at 416-889-6069 or


He is also the founder and President of EMpression: A Marketing Service Company. His company brings your unique story to life through a collaborative and creative process. Whether it’s helping you build/rebuild your website, manage your online marketing programs, Javed’s team will manage your marketing communication programs from goal identification to delivery.

Javed S. Khan
Chief Business Marketing Advisor
EMpression: A Marketing Services Company

T: 416-889-6069
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Re: Risky Business: LinkedIn Protocols - Top 10 Do's & Don'ts

Great article. When you have a business it is your obligation to be serious with it. And I like the way you see how to be a professional. Thanks.