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Rules of Hashtags

CTCT Employee

Rules of Hashtags

In a recent post on Business2Community, "The 6 Rules of Hashtags" are discussed.  Hashtags are important, we all know that right? They can help to get your posts seen by a large audience, so why wouldn't you want to use them?  Take a look at some of the rules that were shared: 


  • Quality over Quantity - Too many hashtags in one post can be overwhelming.  The only place I think this rule might not apply as much is Instagram, where it seems like the more hashtags the better, depending on your subject/topic.  
  • Make them relevant - No spamming with hashtags!  
  • Read your hashtags! Longer hashtags, or phrases as hashtags can be good, but make sure to look at them carefully, sometimes they might have hidden words or messages that were not intended.  


Take a look at the full article here.  Share your thoughts, do you think that there is a rule not listed?  

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Re: Rules of Hashtags