SEND Your Business to the Next Level

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SEND Your Business to the Next Level



Let’s make this quick and easy. Use Constant Contact email marketing to stay top of mind.

Here are 5 ways to reach out to your audience this month and every month:

  1. Send your current customers an email marketing campaign (a.k.a. blast) and simply thank them for being your customer.
  2. Send your email list an “insider” deal. Only those that are on your email list get this offer and then ask your subscribers to help share the insider club …”Oh by the way, feel free to encourage your friends to sign up for our emails so they can get rewarded as well!”
  3. Send a segment of your email list information that you know they will be interested in receiving. Review your previous email results to see who clicked on your specific calls to action, and then segment those action-takers into relevant lists. Then formulate a focused campaign around that data.
  4. Send the folks on your email list information about what’s going on in your industry. Find an interesting article that speaks about your industry, trends you are in and share it in an email campaign. Showing your expertise has value.
  5. Send them an invitation to join you at an event. Ideally it would be an event that you are hosting, such as an open house, coffee with, workshop, etc. But it could also be an event that you are supporting. For example join us at the High School Chili Cook off, the Downtown fireworks display, the community fundraiser, etc. Showing support for your community is a great way to build your relationships.

Now Send it!

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