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Save Time Automate

Time, the one thing there never seems to be enough of in the day. For small business owners, the addition multiple platforms of digital marketing can be overwhelming. Majority of the business owners I speak with are seeking for help with their online marketing for two reasons;


  1. They are intimidated navigating through social media, either they don’t use it personally so aren’t sure where to begin, or use it personally and find it overwhelming and don’t believe they would be able to rise above all the noise.


  1. Time, they don’t have the time to stop in the middle of their day to post to Facebook or create that email blast.


To overcome the first hurdle I suggest a slow submersion into whatever platforms they want to use. Post a couple of times a week follow a few other businesses and brands they like and practice engaging, sharing, liking, etc. Get use to the rhythm. Once they are comfortable with the overall experience they can add more.


The second hurdle is much easier to overcome than most realize. It’s called, Automating! Schedule a time in your week when you typically have a lull or know you can focus, make yourself sit down and schedule out several days or weeks worth of social media and email blasts. There are several ways to automate your message, making it a time saver. If you have a business page, Facebook lets you schedule posts out, as long as they aren’t time sensitive take advantage of this feature. Also, Constant Contact allows you to schedule out emails and they can post to social media for you through Simple Share saving time. Not all messages are meant for email and not all emails are meant for social media so you won’t always be sharing across multiple platforms making the content fresh. Have a marketing schedule planned out several months in advance so you know what needs to be shared and when.


Managing time effectively is crucial to this step working. Most people struggle with efficient time management for a multitude of reasons. One of the main ones is that when they sit down at their desk and turn on their computer the first thing they do is open their email. If you are easily distracted and have a hard time staying on task, working from your inbox can be a disaster. Answering every email the moment it comes in can take away from another task, and the likelihood of that task being finished properly or given the necessary attention to detail goes down. Instead, work from your calendar, schedule a specific time of day or two to read and respond to emails.


Last bit of advice, don’t set it and forget it! Scheduling makes things much easier but if you utilize this feature always be aware of what you are sending out there and when. If there is a tragedy or major event pause your message immediately. Many brands have forgotten to do this and suffered the backlash for month’s even years after. The last thing you want to do is appear insensitive and have to take the time to go into damage control mode.


Make the Internet work for you not the other way around!

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