Secrets to Build Trust & Credibility with your Customers

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Secrets to Build Trust & Credibility with your Customers

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It's no secret that there are some great ways to build your customer's trust with you and your business. Walter Rogers, of Salesforce, shared 10 tips with Entrepreneur today and I'm going to share a few with you!  So many of these we utilize every day here at Constant Contact, so I know you can incorporate them into your every day if you're not using them currently.


  • Don't promise anything you can't deliver: This is surely to backfire on you if you promise something that you know will not be available in the time frame you promise
  • If and when you speak of the competition, be respectful at all times.  No one wants to buy services from someone that bad mouths the competition. 
  • Don't withhold bad news. Don't ever hide bad news. When it comes out, the situation will be way worse.
  • When problems develop after the sale, don't make excuses and place blame; fix the problem. Self-explanatory. Stay clear of the this department should have done this or that. Just get the issue resolved and apologize.

To check out the full tips read, "10 Secrets to Building Trust and Credibility With Your Customers".

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Re: Secrets to Build Trust & Credibility with your Customers

Authenticity and integrity are the must character to do all those things.

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