Segmenting Your Email List

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Segmenting Your Email List

Email List Segmentation by Joseph Grillo JNG Associates Email Marketing can be thought of as having 2 components-the Email piece and the Marketing piece.


The "Email" piece consists of the content, images and the like and making sure it looks professional etc. While this does take skill most email marketers can perform this and do a very credible job, the part that really determines how successful the campaign will be is the marketing.


The most important part of the ”Marketing” piece is list segmentation. Suppose we take a very simple example where you manufacture widgets and conduct an email campaign to a permission based list. The email is sent to everyone on that list and the reports indicate 30% of the subscribers opened it. That’s not bad.


What if, however, you segment the list into 2 lists, one list is Doctors, the other Lawyers, and then the same email campaign is sent to both lists.


Now suppose further that 50% of the Doctors opened it while only 10% of the Lawyers opened it. What does that tell you about the widget and Doctors? Why are the Doctors so interested? What ancillary products could be of interest?


Conversely, what are the implications of the widget and Lawyers? Is this the wrong product for them? Is the pricing correct? Should there be a special mailing for Lawyers with a different widget? What impact do the results of the email campaign have on the other aspects of your marketing program?


The point here being that segmenting subscribers lists can provide valuable information to you that can affect not only future emails but your entire marketing program. Segmentation can help determine where your markets are and where they are not and in the process save a lot of time, effort, and money.


If you need help segmenting your  list,  just contact me and I'll be glad   to help.



Joseph Grillo
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Re: Segmenting Your Email List

Hi Team,


Completely agree, gone are the days of spam email marketing.

Customers want a unique, personalised email which is relevant to them. Using insight from customer history to determine what a customers purchasing behavior is and targeting emails based on this will give you better engagement and higher open rates. 


Put in the time and effort because if you don't your competitors will 

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