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Shop Local This Week

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Shop Local This Week

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This week, in honor of Small Business Week, I have been frequenting the local businesses in my area.


I'm very fortunate to live close to Moody Street here in Waltham, MA. There are a variety of businesses I frequent that are owned by some of the best people around.


Tucked away on a corner of the street is one of the last local comic book shops in my area, Outer Limits. I've never really grown up when it comes to comic books and toys and by looking at the opening weekend of "The Avengers", neither has America.


The reason why I love Outer Limits  is because they carry a variety of pop culture memorabilia, not just comic books. They even have a huge collection of old TV Guides that would put George Costanza's father from "Seinfeld" in awe. That's why I love the store, they sell stuff I can't find anywhere else.


My recent visit found me indulging my inner horror hound by purchasing several back issues of Fangoria. Now, the only place I could find these would be on Ebay, so I'm very fortunate to find a brick and mortar store that sells them. Outer Limits is known for having what the other stores don't.


That's what I find most small businesses have...something the bigger stores don't. They usually find a niche and they sell to it. It doesn't have to be the merchandise that makes a small business stand out. It could be the service or the intimacy you get by walking into the store.


This week I'm shopping small and if you are too, let us know!


What niche does your small business fill? What separates you from the larger stores?


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